OSBoot Not Found

When attempting to create the new patchstick (v3.5), I get the error message that the OSBoot not found!
How do I correct this?
I’ve got an existing OSBoot image, as well as re-downloading it, no good.

I purchased ATV on Friday for the first time. I am also having the same exact problem. I am getting an error message that says “OS Boot can not be found”. I have also noticed that a new version was released on Friday. Could there be a problem with the new version?

There is a second file required for the installer to complete. Please read through the Read Me file for instructions and download link.

2nd file?
I’ve flashed my drive a few dozen times since the very 1st revision, learning, playing, and nothing has changed for me regarding the procedure, so can you be more exact in specifying the statement ‘second file required’, as I already have the files from all previous successful flashes.

As an additional follow-up to the last post, I do have the OSBoot image mounted, if that is what you are referencing.

OK, I scoured these forums for some sort of answer, and came up with:
1> Copied all required files to another Mac (laptop).
2> Followed same instructions.

So, somehow, some way, something is in the newest version of ATVflash that may not want to play nice with a updated, fully patched 10.5.6 system?

The MacBook laptop was updated, but during the ATV flash procedure, it asked to do some patches/updates, which I said no (the MacBook).
May, may not have something to do with this.

So, this whole shebang is not as easy as plug and play (as supported by the sheer numbers of pissed of users who get no answers, help, and have ongoing unresolved problems), the developers, inventors, marketeers of the is nice package need to give a little more attention to keeping their supporters happy and not their pocketbooks brimming with moola.

I understand your frustration. But I have to say that I also do have a fully up-to-date patched 10.5.6 on a MacBook and the new patch works fine for me. It may be a problem where if you go to the /Volumes/ folder on your Mac, there might be a rouge patchstick-root folder there that needs to be deleted. Or maybe even a rogue OSBoot folder that was created somehow.

P.S. I’ve moved this into the Mac subfolder.