OSBoot Image

OK, paid the dough and then read about all problems.
I can’t get past step 1 in Flash Drive Creation.

  1. Download file at: http://www.atvflash.com/downloadme
    and nothing happens, nothing at all, not even 404 error just takes me to your home page.
    So if I can’t get past Step 1, how am I going to get on to all these other problems everyone is having?

many posts talk about downloading boot image from apple. can’t find link and when I search the forum I get a “can’t search forum” error try later. Not looking good so far.

Can anyone help?

Solved it myself.
Must be a Safari and PDF problem.
Was able to ctrl click on link in my own message and download the file.
Not only that I got it working.

so it creates a OS Boot image for u? not here

The OSBoot image is found using the link in step one of the “flash Drive Creation” instructions. Just open that .dmg, when it mounts leave it mounted as you create your flash drive.