OSBoot image not found

The link from the pdf file on 3.2 is broken. Does anyone have a direct link to the file?


:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: For me the same problem. Today has bought from you the software, and could not take advantage. It is very insulting… System 10.5.4 iMac 2,4 Intel Core 2 Duo. I ask the help as soon as possible.

Ммммм… Similar it was necessary to read simply the instruction))) :smiley:

Did you find the file??


This sucks. I bought the software on Friday, but the links to the pdf files are busted. I tried to muddle through and figure it out, but I still don’t have a working flash stick.

I must say that the support is very poor.

If you re-download the file the links are updated - but no announcement, no help in forums, no nothing…

Is the overall package still at 3.2.2 or is this now an updated version of the ATV package?

Interesting… admins removed links I posted to these files…

The guides were updated last Friday, as such the links were updated in the package that is available on our site. We removed the old guides to avoid any confusion.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

What suppport you are talking about? I never noticed any … :frowning:

What suppport you are talking about? I never noticed any … :([/quote]

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