OS 4.2 Update - Does it Erase Jailbreak?

I have my AppleTV2 jailbroken with OS 4.1.1     If I install the OS 4.2 update, does it erase the jailbreak and I have to install aTV Flash again or does everything stay in tack?   If it erases everything, how to I save my settings?


Yes, if you opt to install the AppleTV update you will lose your jailbreak and aTV Flash (black) installed plugins.

A compatible version of Seas0nPass will be available soon.

Not to beat a dead horse, but how about for Windows? Any ETA for it?

I guess this applies to upgrading to 4.3, correct? If so, only solution is to wait until new jailbreak for 4.3 comes out than proceed as when initially jail breaking the device, correctly?  Thank you.

Yes. It's a bit confusing, but AppleTV 4.2 = iOS 4.3.

Yes, 4.3..... Typed 4.2 in error....

Thanks Guys, I'll wait for the SeasOnPass for 4.3 before proceeding.

The Seas0nPass update is out.


what about windows :(