Orphan media file/s

My problem is that one single movie is left on the Library screen (left hand side) that hasn’t gone into a genre. Somehow I must have missed curating it. My question is, can Infuse point me to the actual movie?
Infuse knows what it is but maybe doesn’t have the capacity to tell me, or is it in a log somewhere?
Almost a shame to start a thread for my little problem but I couldn’t find any post that nailed the issue.

Otherwise, I bought lifetime Infuse this arv and set up all my movies/folders. All went really well. Very happy and because I used internal metadata it was all over Red Rover in about 90 minutes more or less.
Couple of little things popped up but that was more me being a novice at NAS, Shares and Infuse menu system, but I muddled through.
Off topic but important for Qnap NAS users: Experts on its forum say don’t disable the admin account. Well Qnap installation procedure persistently warns that the admin account should be disabled. These blokes on the forum said, no just use a really long password and leave it at that and in any case it can’t be disabled.
Well, it can be easily disabled after a new account/user is created AND the trick is you must log out as admin and log back in as the newly created user. Then the admin account can be disabled. Not deleted, just disabled. So Qnap stops the incessant notifications and I feel a little safer although this isn’t facing the internet so not a biggy really.

If you long-press on the poster and select the Edit (metadata) option, you can see the actual filename.

Thanks for the reply james. That isn’t what I meant so I have taken a photo of the Infuse settings page with the orphan file clearly shown. I am leaning towards a possibility where this movie has no metadata at all. As I have set Infuse to NOT scrape the movies, it cannot fix this movie. I can sort that out easily WHEN I learn the mystery movie’s name but I think that is not possible from within Infuse.
Any suggestions are welcome . . .

If you’re calling the 1 in “Other” as an “orphan” to see what that file is, go to the home screen, click on “Library” under favorites and then scroll down to other. Click on “Other” and that will show you the one file that is in the “Other” category.

It’s usually a file that doesn’t have any matches at the TVDB or TMDB due to a file naming issue or just not in their database.

Either way you can find the file name from that screen following James instructions above.

Mate, your a Legend! That did it. In fact once I displayed the fanart where I could edit the metadata, all I had to do was long press on the plot summary and bingo! It popped back into Family genre where it belongs with all the usual data where it’s supposed to be (A Series of Unfortunate Events) and all fixed.
To say I am impressed with this set up is an understatement. With a NAS (first time user ever) and new to ATV I am really stoked. Kodi was good but this is way better for our needs AND last but not least, the folk in the Infuse community have been amazing. Thanks to you NC_Bullseye, james & sladeoke.

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