Original filenames

When i turn on meta data (otherwise no subtitle search) i can't see my original filenames.

How can i see my filenames again?

Infuse will always show the fetched (pretty) name while browsing files, but you can view the actual filename for a particular video by dragging the ticket down and selecting the Edit Metadata option.

I do not understand what you mean.

What James means is that when viewings a Film/TV Episode details in the view that looks like a big 'ticket', you should touch the ticket and move your finger down the screen.   The ticket will the move downwards slightly exposing an 'Edit Metadata' option at the top of the screen.  If you select this option then you will be able to see the actual filenames of that Film/TV Episode.

I don't have movie tickets, i'm streaming from my nas

When you are just about to stream something from your NAS, does the screen display details about the item to be played and which has 'Close' and 'Play' options at the bottom of the screen?

This is the ''Ticket' view previously mentioned.

Sorry i don't see it

Ok, I can now see what the difference is ... You have list mode enabled and I don't.

in list mode, swipe left on a film and a pen icon will appear..   Select that and you will see the original filenames.


That's it thanks

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