Organizing titles within a folder on Apple TV?

As my library has grown I’ve started organizing the titles into folders. I was wondering if it’s possible to set the order that they appear in the folders themselves.

For instance, I have a folder with all the Planet of the Apes films. They are all there but the but the title icons are lined up out of chronological order. Is it possible to have them display in the folder with the titles lined up by year with oldest to newest from left to right?

Are you not using the library? That would show that movie series or any other collection in chronological order automatically.

If that’s not what you want, you can turn on the sort by file name instead of title and rename the files with a number in front of the name to order as you want.

When I first started using Infuse about three or so years ago I had turned library feature off because without it it more resembled the streaming box I was using before.

Though now that my media collection has become much larger I’ll probably revisit it.

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There’s been quite a few new features with the library over the last few years and with the options of customizing the home screen with Library categories it ca be just about anything you want.

Just remember you’ll want to be using other than a DLNA connection. The other options like SMB or FTP work far better with the Library.

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