Organizing Dropbox Movies For Infuse

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I have a large digital movie collection, about 500 titles, and I’ve been seeking a way to watch them all easily online via my Apple TV without needing a second device to stream them, etc. I’m going to try Infuse Pro this week as I just learned about its integration with Dropbox, which I use.

I have some questions however before I begin my journey. The most important one is with respect to organizing my movies in Dropbox. Should I place all my movie files in one folder or should I create a folder for my movies and then create subfolders in that folder that will contain each movie itself? So one folder for movies and then 500 folders in that one folder for each movie? Also some of my collection contains TV shows with individual seasons. So I will need to incorporate subfolders of some form no matter what.

How does Infuse Pro handle movie art and subtitles? I have a good amount of foreign films in my collection with subtitle files for each film. Is there any way to use our own artwork for films? I’m also curious of the UI on the Apple TV for cloud collections. Any examples to see it online?

Thanks in advance for answers. Cheers.

Infuse is pretty flexible when it comes to how your movies are organized. Some people have a single folder with a few hundred movies, others have them organized neatly into subfolders. Either way works, and will provide the same browsing experience as Infuse will tidy everything up when it indexes your Library.

By default, Infuse will download artwork and metadata from TMDb, but if you want to use your own artwork that is possible too. A bit more info on how this can be done is available in this guide. Metadata 101 – Firecore

Lastly, Infuse displays a consistent UI no matter where your files are stored. This means you could have some files on Dropbox, a few on your Mac/PC, and a few more on a Time Capsule and Infuse would display them all together in the Library with a consistent look and feel. A few basics steps for setting up your Library can be found here. Setting Up Your Library – Firecore

Going Dropbox as well, but have a question regarding the play quality when dealing with lower streaming speeds. Does infuse automatically change the quality of the file depending on file speed or device? Because I have 4K files 14 gb each and on my home it’s fine whilst running 100 mps but when using LTE which is 15 mps at the most, I can see how this is a problem. Any thoughts on this?

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Infuse doesn’t automatically pick which resolution file to play it will play the one you select. If you have multiple copies of a video you could seperate them in different shares and find them faster that way. Maybe a share called “Mobile Movies”?

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