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When I organize my movies and I have multiple movies part of the same collection (like Star Wars) I have a folder called “Star Wars - Complete Collection” and then inside is a folder for each movie with the respective video files inside. It would be great if Infuse supported this. It would require the searching to go one level deeper into folders though. Right now I just have a whole bunch of folders at the top of my poster view that don’t have any cover art. Thanks!

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I was going to put this request in a post I’m trying to find to to write about my 4.2b experience so far and metadata issues.

I sort my movies the same way.
Mine is sorted in years.
2014 → Each movie their own folder
2015 → Each movie their own folder
2016 → Each movie their own folder
Boxsets → Each set, like “Star Wars - Collection” got a folder, and inside that all the movies, in their own folder. I then find a “Star Wars Collection” poster, in 1000x1500 and put inside the First folder and rename it “folder.jpg”

Could that be any good for you?

you can set those as favorites and make your own bg image or dl from net. My harry potter, star wars, die hard etc collections all have images in the root,

The issue with this though, is that folders aren’t sorted alphabetically along with the rest of the movies. Star Wars Collection for example would be at the top, even though it should be listed down with the rest of the movies starting with S

I see your point. I keep all my sets outside of the main scrub path.

Why do you have all your movies in their own folder? Is there a specific reason for that?

Like, i would do 2014 folder with all 2014 movies inside that one folder. But box sets are in their own folder for the set.

That is because i always fetch my own metadata, for all movies and series. So the metadata would all be in one folder along with the movies, which would not be pretty, haha.
I know Infuse and many other apps/programs can do this on their own, but i like to choose what poster, artwork and in what language the things are fetched. So 1 folder per movie.

Aaaand, IF i one day switch to another program/app and such, i already have all the metadata - no need to rebuild a libary!

Damn, that’s alot of work. My collection is too big to do all that work, it would take forever.

Well, if you have done it from the start, then it is actually quite easy and fast - when first you get a hang of it.
With TinyMediaManager, you can do all of that in a couple of seconds :slight_smile:
It even synchronize with - so i can see my collection online.

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