Organization Not Working

I added an emby server to infuse and the metadata is downloaded for all the tv shows and movies but it’s not being organized by Infuse on the home page nor can I search through stuff using the search bar in Infuse.

Do you have the “Library” enabled in settings and the shares that contain your videos checked for the library?

Yes they’re all checked and I even refreshed the metadata yesterday for about three hours.

If you go to “Library” under settings what does it show for the totals of “movies”, “tv shows” and “other” and what is the message on the bottom? Does it show “Last Updated…”?

What do you mean by not organized? Are they correct when you go to the “Library” on the home screen? (this is for ATV version, are you on that or iOS?)

This is for iOS and iPadOS.

What I mean by not organized is the my envy library isn’t even appearing in my home page, like the shows aren’t even being indexed at all.

The envy shows/movies aren’t showing up in any tv genre or movie genre neither when I search for them, nothing shows up. It’s bizarre.

Yea I attached the image below of my tv shows, movies and other.

The message shows that your still gathering metadata so let if finish until you have the “Last Updated…” message. You should end up with very few in the “other” section once it’s finished. Usually the files in others have naming issues or are not TV/movie files.

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Also, from the home screen (where you tap the sideways triangle) if you tap the three line with the down arrow icon at the top right you can then edit what you see on the home screen. When you do that tap the edit button and add or subtract what you want to see on the home screen.

I had this exactly yesterday, whilst doing a little tidy up, my other was incorrect tv meta data, wrong season/ ep, easily fixed.