order of installation for 3.3.4

Got my Apple TV back in July and love it! It currently has 2.1 running with the version of ATV Flash that was available in late July - early August (I believe the version of NitoTV it came with then was 0.48).

My question is, how do I properly install the latest ATV Flash version 3.3.4? Do I do a factory restore, upgrade to 2.2, then install 3.3.4? Or can I simply do the Apple upgrade to 2.2 then install 3.3.4?

Just wondering what the proper order of events are!

Atlanta, GA

I believe if you turned on “Disable auto-update” on the previous version of the patch, you will not be able to upgrade from AppleTV 2.1 to 2.2. You will have to restore back to the default version, then run the update to 2.2. After that you would be able to run the latest aTV Flash version.