Order by date in collections

Thank you for adding Custom Collections, this is very helpful in organizing my library. All works but do have a request. When you click on a custom collection and scroll down it shows a horizontal list of the movies in the collection. Could we have them sorted by date similar to the way regular collections are listed.


Collections can actually have any order you like.

To reorder the items, simply select the Reorder option found while viewing the details page for a collection.

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That worked … Thanks James


It’s this Mac Only?

Reordering can be done on any device.

Ah! I’ve discovered reordering is only allowed for users’ Custom Collections, not TMDB-derived Collections. Okay.

Also, regarding Collections ordering:

Why is the order of collections so random when displayed as a Pinned Item on the Infuse Home Screen? It’s alphabetical, but not inclusive. I have 270 TMDB-derived Collections in my library. I have to scroll past 29 to get to the full list. These 29 are displayed alphabetically, but the first item displayed is the 4th Collection in the full list; the second is the 9th, the third is the 14th, the fourth is the 15th, the fifth the 22nd. And so on. The twenty-ninth is the 254th.

By what logic is that computed?

If you are going to randomly choose which collections are displayed, why not display the 29 collections with the most movies? James Bond Collection. Star Wars Collection. The Fast & the Furious Collection. Terminator Collection. The various Star Trek collections. The Bourne Collection. Pirates of the Caribbean Collection. Superman Collection. Jurassic Park Collection. Mad Max Collection. The Matrix Collection. Harry Potter. All the MCU and DC Collections. The Alien & Predator collections and all the horror franchises …

That would be infinitely more useful than having the 29 premier locations highlighted by useless TMDB aspirational collections that only contain one actual title — Aquaman, The Batman, Beetlejuice, Bird Box, Black Panther, Dune, I Am Legend, Shang-Chi, etc. — because these are incorrectly displayed as Collections if the user has multiple copies (in different cuts and/or encodings) of the title in that pseudo-collection.

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