Orange livebox & network share


My brother bought an Apple TV 4K and subscribed to Infuse.

His files are stored on an external hard drive connected to an internet box (Orange Livebox), each time he disconnects this drive to add files, the box does not allow network access from his Mac, the shared must be deleted and added as a network share, otherwise although visible, the files are not read.

Any ideas? Thank you!

Can you provide a model number for the livebox? I can’t seem to find info on connecting a storage device to a livebox.

Hello @NC_Bullseye

It’s a livebox 5 orange from Sagemcom.

Well my googlefoo is weak on this one. I can’t find a users manual in English for this one. If you can point me in the right direction for a users manual in English I’d appreciate it.

I haven’t found anything either, either in French or in English, although I don’t know what “breaks” the shared…

Being able to see how the set up for an attached drive and setting up the sharing will most likely shed some light on it. Let me know if you do find something. Everything I found has zero references to an attached usb drive so it must be fairly new for them.

My brother sees the drive from the management interface but does not access it from his Mac and, as explained, Infuse sees it and accesses it until it is unplugged. If the drive were accessible via the Mac, there would be no need to unplug it.

How is he connecting to the livebox from the ATV? Not quite sure why the Mac couldn’t connect the same way.

Like a “classic” share, the only difference is that we see two servers, one is empty and the other displays the contents of the hard disk.

Well somewhere on the livebox it has to set up users and access read/write permissions so that’s going to be a big clue as to what’s going on.

By “classic” do you mean SMB?

I will look into this, thanks.

By classic I mean the fact that I see the server, without worrying about the type of connection.

If you can look at the share info on the ATV and see what protocol it is using for the drive then maybe we can get the Mac connected so he doesn’t have to keep unplugging and plugging the drive. I’m guessing that each time he dismounts the drive to add files it changes the share info when it spins back up. That’s why the share has to be re-added each time.