Orange light always blinking after using Smart Installer


EDIT: (Resolved, it’s when the keyboard is left plugged in and the aTV is rebooted. Kind of irritating but not the end of the world, at least there’s a workaround.)

Just a very trivial thing thankfully and not all that important, but worth asking!

After using the Smart Installer option in the nitoTV settings/install software section, the LED on the front of the aTV no longer reflects the idle (white) state - it just stays blinking orange as if it’s busy doing something. (It’s busy doing nothing, blinking the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do!). Everything is working fine still, other than that very minor (bug?).

Is this normal? (I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find any mention of it). Is there some way to make it revert to white when idle again?



I was so scared something might have happened to my unit since the amber blinking light of death was visiting. Then I read your post and realized I had left the mouse plugged in. So What I did was unplug the unit for three minutes and the light was back to solid white.