Options for Top Shelf Display

Noticed that this setting also changes the tvOS ‘shelf’. So nothing shows there now when you highlight the Infuse icon. Unless I’m missing something it seems strange to link the OS level shelf to the Home Screen within the app?

Would personally like On Deck on the tvOS shelf, but don’t think that’s an option (only Watching or Recently Added).

And also thinking about it - the entire Up Next List setting seems like poor UX. it’s not really self explanatory. Just call it ‘tvOS shelf’ and the user can pick what they want there. The recently added row can be added with the other sections using the button on the app home screen.


Moved to suggestions. :wink:


And sorry didn’t mean to go off on a tangent. For clarity on this suggestion…

Settings → Up Next List should:

  • Only control what’s shown on the tvOS top shelf.
  • Be renamed accordingly for clarity.
  • Allow users to choose On Deck for the shelf allowing them to quickly jump into the next episode of whatever series they’re watching from the tvOS home screen.

At the moment that 1 setting controls the tvOS top shelf and also the top row of content on the Infuse home screen (allowing the user to select either Recently Added or Watching).

This top row should be uncoupled from the Up Next List giving users freedom to setup the shelf and home screen independently. The top row can already be configured with all other home sections using the icon in the top right of the home screen (3 lines and an arrow), which also provides more options - the way it’s currently linked to the Up Next List setting just constrains it.

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