Option to use TMDb cast and crew Metadata instead of Plex?

With 7.1 I am enjoying discovering movies by navigating based on cast and crew selection.
My understanding is that with Plex integration the cast and crew information comes from existing Plex Metadata.
Is there an option to “force” infuse to get Metadata from TMDb instead?
If yes, can you please point me the right direction?
If no, can this be considered for a new option in the future?
This would provide more control and a consistent approach for mixed libraries.
Thank you

Unfortunately, this isn’t available as Infuse will fully rely on Plex’s metadata/artwork when streaming from Plex.

If you prefer to use Infuse’s metadata/artwork fetching you can set up a direct connection to your device(s) using SMB, NFS, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or any of the cloud services (Dropox, Google Drive, etc…).

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