Option to use series backdrops for all episodes instead of screenshots

It would be nice if we had an option on the settings page to view backdrops/backgrounds instead of episode images. I find that backdrops just look better to me than the episode screenshots. Having this as an option will also serve the purpose of hiding spoilers. In addition, we could also have an option to choose to use the main series poster instead of season posters. A lot of shows have never had a physical release and those shows I’ve found that the season posters are just horrible compared to the main show poster. Most of them being the main poster with added text to show the season numbers. Personally, I’d rather not see those and just see the main poster for that show.

This would work pretty well with this suggestion I made a while back. Drop-down season select
Depending on how it is implemented, it might be a space saver since episode and individual series posters won’t need to be downloaded. But I also don’t personally mind having them downloaded if you wanna switch back and forth.

As you can see from the image the season poster is a fan edit and the episode backdrops look cleaner than screenshots.