Option to use DVD episode order

Hi Guys, I’ve seen these threads covering requests and interest in switching to DVD order:

But nothing on ETA. Obviously if it’s just an issue of order, then files can be renamed. But for LOTS of kids shows it’s more complicated than that. Many kids shows have multiple shorter stories in each episode. TheTVDB’s main episode lists often have these as individual entries. But regardless of where your files are from, there’s almost no chance you’ve got each of them in individual files.

However, the DVD order on these shows lists them as 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3,…etc. So the titles for each of those parts could be added together with a separator and that would give you an appropriate name for episode.

It would be REALLY nice for Infuse to support this option.

Examples of this type of show are below:

Powerpuff Girls - Regular List - http://thetvdb.com/?tab=seasonall&id=76200&lid=7
Powerpuff Girls - DVD Order - http://thetvdb.com/index.php?id=76200&lid=7&tab=seasonall&order=dvd

Dexter’s Laboratory - Regular List - http://thetvdb.com/?tab=seasonall&id=77992&lid=7
Dexter’s Laboratory - DVD Order - http://thetvdb.com/index.php?id=77992&lid=7&tab=seasonall&order=dvd


I’m bumping this as no one has replied and I’m curious about this feature as well. James?

Any update on this as I’d also really like this feature?

If you have Infuse connecting to a Plex share, the Plex server allows sorting by DVD order. Otherwise, not sure what you can do.

I’ve had occasional annoyances trying to rename DVD episodes to the broadcast order, but if Infuse suddenly changed from one to the other I’d tear my hair out having to fix it all again.

Giving this the old bumpity bump. I wouldn’t recommend changing it as a default, keep as is, but perhaps when modifying metadata for a show, present another option to choose DVD or Air order. Have a few shows like this with screwed up orders because networks don’t know how to broadcast in sequence!

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Bumping this as this would be a great feature to add. I have a number of series in my library (mostly animated) where the aired order isn’t necessarily the best viewing order. An option to use TVDB’s DVD order instead would be fantastic.

Giving another bump. Would really love to see the option to use DVD metadata instead of airdate. I can change the episode number on the files but then the episodes would be out of proper viewing order.

Guess editing the episode numbers and then making a playlist is the only option for now.

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@james is there any progress on this feature?

Me too! I don’t care if there is no GUI settings for this, as long as we can set the option in the XML file, I would be happy. :slight_smile: