Option to use compressed cached artwork

It would be nice to have an option to use compressed cached artwork in order to reduce the total size of the metadata, and additionally to speed up artwork loading times (apple tvos).

Would love to hear back if this would at all be possible.

You can always replace the artwork with you choice and if you want low res artwork you can do that. This users guide will tell you how.

I was thinking more along the lines of having a toggleable option to pull/cache compressed artwork automatically (as infuse already does with uncompressed image metadata), without manually adding additional image files on the server side (ie. embedded metadata: off, metadata fetching: on, image metadata compression: on).

Where would the low res artwork come from?

If pre-compressed artwork is not available or pre-existing on the movie database (TMDB) could artwork be compressed locally prior to cacheing in the backend of infuse client (ie. on the appletv)?

This is actually already done in the current version.

Infuse downloads the most suitable size from TMDB and stores it in an optimized format on your device.

Space can still add up since a poster, fanart, and episode images are all being cached.

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Hi James, thanks for the reply, it is much appreciated!

It would be great to have two options to pick from: (1) lower/mid quality compression in cacheing for saving roughly 50 percent more space, and (2) the default quality compression (what you had just mentioned is set by default today)

Just curious, how much space is infuse taking up now and how big is your library?

The image cache is in the GB, which is fine until the apple tv is near full, which initiates a wiping of app data across all tvos apps. Its also more to do with the loading times for posters being displayed on screen. I figured posters are small on screen and shouldnt have to be crazy high resolution. Furthermore, I believe having them be more compressed would result in snappier loading times (posters snapping into place on screen).