Option to use alternate episode order

I do. TMDB does. Look at a show such as Money Heist (La Casa De Papel); where the season assignments in the original and the Netflix rerelease are entirely different.

I’ve been tracking the Alternate Episode Order on the upcoming features page for months - and it has consistently been listed as having over 1k votes. What changed/happened?

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That wasn’t votes, that was the number of times that specific link was used I believe. You can look at the first post in this thread and see the actual vote tally on the likes.

Is there any sort of script/tool that can scrape a TMDB alternative episode order page, and generate xml files that infuse uses? Then I just have to rename my mkv files to match the name of the xml file.

I’ve done it manually for shows like Firefly and Cowboy Bebop (original animated series, not the Netflix version). But they’re just a single season. But something with multiple seasons (like paw patrol) is a bit too much work.

Or is there a better way?

I’m not aware of one.

But some folks like Plex because it enables more control over metadata sources. Perhaps Plex has the capability to utilize TMDB’s alternate episode orders, and/or a module that will let files be renamed automagically?

I don’t know, but you might look into it.

Same. Firefly and the above referenced show; and perhaps maybe that Netflix heist series where you were served up the episodes in random order.

Other times I’ll have acquired content from someone who used non-conforming (to TMDB) episode IDs; in such cases I just renamed the files.

For Firefly, I named the episode filenames per TMDB’s ‘as broadcast’ sequence, but used the .nfo to change the episode titles to indicate proper playback order (by prepending the DVD episode number before the Episode title, so I’d know which order to watch the episodes if rewatching the series). I’ll keep them that way till Infuse allows us to use alternate episode orders, and then just ditch the .nfo files.

Just wonder why this request has been removed from the upcoming features.

If the dev team needs more support, a price rise is absolutely acceptable at least for me.

Ignoring user’s request hurts more.

this request is still marked as planned. I think there were just too many things on the list and didn’t make sense to keep them tied to some not exactly set schedule. Also the direct mode for 7.7 ended up taking more time than they expected and they had to take out a feature they were planning for it for later. There are several other items like this that also were taken off the list but all are still “Planned”

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This functionality should be a high priority given the problems it causes, impossible to watch a series in the desired order, which is the goal of this type of software.
The wait becomes very long or even too long.
Please give an approximate date or an alternative to put the episodes in the correct order.

Too bad because this application is really interesting.

Good day

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It does not make a TV series impossible to watch. You can manually set the episodes in the correct order by naming them as “S01E01, S01E02, etc…” in the file name.

The name of the episode & the cast list would just be incorrrect if you’re not using local metadata.

Annoying? Yes.
Impossible to watch a series? No.

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I know that I could arrange them with the default order S01E01 etc but there are 537 episodes in the season but I would like the Thematic order and I don’t know how to do it?

Your only current option is to rename the episodes with S0xE0x to match the current air date sort order.

This feature request to use alternate episode orders is tagged as planned but is not currently listed in the upcoming features thread.

You can watch that thread for updates.

This is why people have been asking for this feature for several years.

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I’d also really like this feature; big fan of infuse but this, specifying custom TVmetadata, and supporting extras are the things keeping it from being perfect

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Sadly, it was though, back in May.

Since Firecore now supports adding metadata allowing you to specify the movie id from IMDB/TMDB in a movie filename, how about allowing you to specify the episode ID from TVDB in an episode filename, while respecting the S0xE0y values that the user provides?

e.g. Firefly 2002 S01E01 Serenity {tvdb-297999}.mkv

That file would be read by Infuse as Season 1, Episode 1 of Firefly, with a manual link to the episode with id 297999 which is identified as Season 1, Episode 11 according to the Aired order. That seems like a relatively simple solution to this long-standing problem, especially since you already have metadata support for ids for movie files now. i.e. Instead of looking up Season 1 Episode 1 of the 2002 TV Series firefly, you would respect the file owner’s season/episode numbers, but use the rest of the metadata for the episode pulled using the id in the filename. That seems really easy from a development standpoint, especially since you’re already doing something similar for movie files.

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Just a note, this is still not working for Emby in direct mode, which is a new twist. When I look at for example Battlestar Galactica in season 1, in Emby, the specials are mixed in to the correct spot within Season 1 as it’s in the metadata. When I look in infuse, they are not shown at all in season 1. So, it’s not possible to watch the specials where they were timewise and as noted in Emby.

Hi folks - like many I’ve wanted this feature for some time. I migrated over from XBMC/Kodi where I had many episodes from DVDs/Blu-Rays, and I really came to appreciate DVD-order as opposed to air date. This is generally how the show creators intended a series to be watched. InFuse is a great app, allowing me to use Apple TV etc to view my library of shows - but the lack of DVD episode order is really a serious impediment. Given the number of episodes I have renaming all of them is a cumbersome option, and one that I would need to undo later assuming alternate episode order becomes available. People have suggested a meta-data work-around, but while that might work for movies this feature looks to be disabled or unavailable for TV shows. Has anyone found a near term workaround for this?

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