Option to use alternate episode order

This thread has been marked as planned so we should see it show up. Custom collections is the current high priority item being worked on right now.

I agree. In the meantime, you can deal with the issue through either custom playlist, or through customized xml (local .nfo files) for each episode, as I have done. The episodes (using the latter option) still show up in the wrong order, but at least my customized episode titles alert me to what the proper playback order should be. It’s a pain in the rear … but it’s something.


I’m glad this feature is being planned.

After years of using Infuse, I’ve noticed Seinfeld was all out of whack. The metadata for the episodes would show the airing order based from TMDb when the metadata should be the DVD order from theTVdb. I hope there’s an ability to switch from airdate order to DVD order. Futurama, Batman The Animated Series, Sliders, Harsh Realm, Almost Human, and Firefly are other shows where the DVD order is the true/preferred viewing order.

TMDB has added partial support for this feature. I know they have alternate episode orders for both Firefly and Money Heist (which has some five different alternative episode ordering schemes) …

But these features need to be taken advantage of by the scraping APIs. For Kodi’s “TMDb TV Shows” scraper to pull the alternate episodes, it requires the user to create a local .nfo file with the link you the alternate episode page. I don’t know how Infuse would attempt to implement that feature, but I imagine they’d want it to be handled entirely in the API.

If the other shows you mentioned aren’t yet supported by TMDB is this manner, you’d need to update them there, first.

Any updates on this? Just tried to watch bebop and was confused again

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Note this thread is tagged as “planned” and if you check here

You’ll see where it’s on the list for an upcoming 7.4.x release. :wink:


Is the infuse app compatible with TMDB episode groups? If so how does it work? Example with the series it’s not rocket science in thematic order thank you

I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting that feature.

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Also note that this request is tagged as “planned” so it may not be far off.

Does infuse manage TMDB episode groups if so how?
Thanks a lot


Not yet.

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Hi folks
I’ve noted in the Upcoming Features section that this capability has been on the list for implementation for some time - but it keeps sliding further and further back on the planned releases by months or more. Would be nice to know if this will in fact be done at some point. I wonder if there is some technical glitch or problem in making it work for InFuse?

This would be very helpful for Animes like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya!


when will episode groups be supported?

when will episode groups be supported?
or how to sort the episodes in a different order?

You can follow the current anticipated release dates for new features here.

so its planned for 7.7… sounds like a long journey right? American dad is totally wrong, one season only have 3 episodes. Sadly I can’t change that atm.
And timeframe for 7.7? like 2024?

Looks like this feature request has been removed from the roadmap??? A bunch of entries that were in the 7.7.x category on the upcoming releases thread have been removed.

Nooo!!! This must be a mistake! Please tell me it’s still on the road! It really sucks atm…

Not only has it been removed, but it looks like the overall list of new features has been reduced across all future planned releases.

This is THE missing feature keeping me from using Infuse more than I do. Last I checked it had over +1k upvotes. I really hope they reconsider.

I personally wouldn’t worry too much about the current upcoming features list. James had posted in another thread that they were shifting priorities around on another feature in development and will be shuffling things around some.

There have been tons of changes to the upcoming features list over the years and things show up and then disappear only to come back again in a new release schedule.

James said it would take them a bit to get things resorted so don’t panic, it appears they’re just trying to get things re-prioritized before they update the upcoming features list again.

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