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Since the change to TMDB my Anime seasons are all messed up. Since many Anime don’t really have seasons they get put in a single season on TMDB. Problem is that they should normally be sorted in Arcs and not all in single season. It can get very disorganized having hundreds of episodes in a single season. The people and moderators in TMDB have therefore decided to create “Episode Groups” for Arcs. See for example Dragon Ball Super: Dragon Ball Super (TV Series 2015-2018) - Story Arcs (Story Arc) — The Movie Database (TMDB)
Although all episodes are in a single season (as they probably should) the Episode groups make it organized and properly sorted.

The problem is though that infuse reads the seasons and sorts by that. Is it possible to let infuse read the Episode group? Or even let us create custom seasons that keep the episode data (unlike “creating” seasons by naming them with seasons that don’t exist on TMDB.)?

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This is planned for an upcoming version, and I’ve moved your post to the existing suggestion thread.

Hey fellas it’s now nearly 2022, it seems TMDB has an “Episode Group” dataset that would be seemingly perfect for most use cases! Perhaps if we could simply select the episode group we want to use for order when we edit the metadata, this would be a nicely scope-limited feature?


You can keep an eye out here

Note the 7.X release which is pending and also the tag on this thread is “planned” :wink:

Maybe not much longer now… :crossed_fingers:

So, I add Cowboy Bebop and the episode order is completely screwed up, because TMDB religiously sorts by air date as opposed to the “real” episode order.

On further investigation there’s an “Episode Group” for the Blu Ray order for this show, which has them in the correct order (hurrah!): https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/30991-cowboy-bebop/episode_group/5ad010de9251417b6f0050df/group/5ad010ee9251417b720055a1

Is there a way to get Infuse to use this episode group instead of the broken TV order?

I feel like this will be a common issue as a lot of stuff was broadcast out of order back in the day.

The annoying thing is this series was tagged properly until recently when the Netflix series was released. I set the metadata to the 1998 series and now the episodes are in the wrong order.

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Excellent! I hope this is also planned for the tvOS release! Kind of defeats the point of having metadata at all if it’s completely wrong for each episode.

This won’t necessarily change the metadata, just the order that it shows up. So you might still have to name files according to the order we have now and then infuse will adjust order after the fact.

Just like many other requests, this one JUST WON’T HAPPEN. We’ve been waiting for this for almost 12 months. It’s a joke. Firecore is only interested on our money, everything else is just to keep the app up-to-date in case somebody decides to make a similar app. I’ve been using infuse since the first version, so, this is a conclusion base on years waiting for some requests to come true. And they never did as u can say.

You are right, it sometimes takes a very long time until something is implemented. But 12 months is still nothing, I wait for some „basic“-Features for 3 oder 4 years now :sweat_smile:

But the „Alternate Episode Order“ is set as status „planned“ and it should be implement very soon maybe with the next Update :wink::+1:

It’s set to “planned” since march. Set as “next updated” since june. :sweat_smile:

Yes, but this is not unusual :joy:
They often set things as „pending“, and then some other things will be preferred.

But the Infuse Developers are the only ones who respond to customer suggestions/requests at all (unlike Plex etc.) :sweat_smile:

But you need a lot of patience :wink:
For example:
I’m waiting for „Customizable Collections“ now really since 2017 :rofl:
And now it seams it will be implemented shortly :wink::+1:


Expressing +1000 votes for this feature to be implemented. I started on XBMC, later Kodi, all on homebuilt HTPCs, and am now trying to get on the infuse/apple TV bandwagon. My files are already named according to DVD rather than aired order for episodes, and it would simplify life greatly. I also like the DVD order better, generally.

Does anyone know if you can override this with NFO files? I’m wondering about going that route if I’m able to specify the metadata and episode number for each media file.

Hey there,
are there any news on this?
It would be awesome to have the opportunity to switch between “Aired Order” and “DVD Order”.

Thank you in advance.

Moved your post to a currently running thread on this suggestion.

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Also note that this suggestion is currently tagged as “planned” :wink:

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Hah, I’d just settle for going by the order specified in Emby. A number of shows have specials embedded in them. They are not always after the show was complete or before it ever started. Sometimes, they have a place within a season even. Emby has a field for this, where the episode actually aired and fits. Battlestar Galactica has specials within a season, and it’s important in some cases to show the episode where it belongs. Emby does this perfectly. Infuse does not. But Emby has a database field for this. Infuse should respect it.

Hi! I’m a new Infuse user and Pro subscriber. I’m a iFlicks refuge I suppose…I was looking for a lazier way to view my videos and I love NOT needing to convert everything first. Anyhow, I just came here to say…the lack of a ‘dvd order’ feature talked about in this thread is the only thing holding Infuse back from perfection for me.

Looking forward to it being done! Let me know if you are looking for user feedback on a beta version of the feature or wireframes of the UI/UX. I imagine the UI is trickier than one might at first assume, especially if you want it to ‘just work’ without too much possibility of confusing or burdening users with another option.

Having to use the idiotic airdate order that TMDb forces on us makes shows like “Firefly” unwatchable…or at least VERY difficult to watch. This should be a much higher priority. Affects SO MANY shows… The Clone Wars, The Transformers, Futurama, etc…