Option to use alternate episode order

Any update on this? Did the v2 transition happen?

I’m configuring lots of tv show content on my server now and dvd order IMO is really the right way to do it. It affects all the file naming I do right now. Especially for older shows that aired in bad order vs. the rightful story lines.

The v2 update hasn’t happened yet and is still a few rev levels away at lease according to the “Upcoming Features” thread that Firecore keeps updated in the first post of that thread. It’s tacked at the top of the “Suggestions” forum. Just the first post is the current info so you don’t have to read the entire thread.

The dvd order is a quite handy feature, for instance anger management is 5 seasons with dvd ordering, but its only 2 seasons with normal aired ordering, so it would be awesome to have this option.

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So, I have this series (La Casa De Papel) and it’s been a huge discussion throughout the interwebz on how the season numbering goes. Both the metadata suppliers for Infuse sticks to their gun that the first time it is aired is the one that will be listed, but with this show there is some problems forthcoming.

Antenna 3 broadcasted it first, so the Spanish channel got the data. After broadcasting they sold it to Netflix and Netfilx edited it so the single season became two seasons of more episodes with shorter durations per episode. Now there is season 3… Oops, is it season 2 in original order? Or is it season 3? And if so, what happened to season 2?

TVDB overcame this by adding a “choice of airing dates”: Antenna 3 or Netflix? Obviously the latter is my choice, but how do I tell Infusse to go for Netflix and leave the Antenna 3 airing dates alone?

With shows having the same name you add the year as in “Battlestar Galactica (1978)”, can I rename this show to “La Casa de Papel (Netflix)”?

Update: Trakt calls it “Money Heist (Netflix)”. https://trakt.tv/shows/money-heist-netflix



Apparently the API is taken offline again, so that renders the point sort of mute. Still, it’ll be put live eventually, … so the question stands: how am I to name a folder so it goes to the correct alternative?

Not sure but you might try the English version of La Casa de Papel (in IMDB) which was “Money Heist (2017)”. That might work. I guess it was renamed when Netflix bought it so that might be the one you are looking for.
The episode guide has 3 seasons there:


It appears that thetvdb recognizes your series as “Money Heist” and still directs it to the netflix listing so I’d say name the folder Money Heist and the video files “Money Heist S01E01.ext” and that should pick up the netflix episode info. I checked this using “English” on thetvdb and it worked for me.

You misunderstand me. At the moment it is found as Money Heist; what I want is the correct alternative within Money Heist. And that is where the challenge stops as TVDB Version 3 has been rolled back. At this moment you simply cannot find the correct one.

What I have now is
Netflix season 1 = Antenna 3 season 1
Netflix season 2 = Antenna 3 season 2 (even though it is released by Netflix)
Netflix season 3 = unknown.It simply repeats Money Heist for every episode.

When Version 3 is re-released I’d like to map this series against the Netflix alternative so it will read:
Netflix season 1 = Netflix season 1
Netflix season 2 = Netflix season 2
Netflix season 3 = Netflix season 3

But version 3 has to be released in order to make that happen, lol


You can see what I mean with the alternatives

This isn’t supported right now, but is something we hope to add in a future update.

Moving to suggestions for now…and giving you an upvote. :slight_smile:

This would be nice.

Before that, James, could you please document the correct .xml file format for TV shows?
A sample .xml file for a TV show would be great, just like the one that exists for movies.

As en example, Season 5 of the -great- French TV Show “Kaamelott” has 50 episodes in the “Official Order”, as it was shown on broadcast TV, which were concatenated as 8 episodes in the “DVD order”.
For seasonb 4, the order itself is different.$

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Just started watching the new season of Money Heist and wondered why Infuse had the incorrect metadata for this TV show. Went on to thetvdb.com and noticed what the OP describes. Infuse matches to the original air order, but my files have a different number of episodes and seasons as per the Netflix programming.
This gets an upvote from me as there is no way for me to fix this without supplying my own metadata.

I don’t know if ytou use Trakt, but apparently they stick to “the original air order” as well, so even if you can select the Netflix version, Trakt is still off.

But still I’d like to see alternatives supported as that will make the labeling of files in Shows and Movies way easier.

Hi, I’ve got the same problem, is there any news on that issue?
Selection of alternate orders provided by TheTVDb would be very helpful!
Thanks in advance.

Thetvdb supports three orders for episodes: Aired/DVD/Absolute. Unless I’m mistaken Infuse supports only Aired Order. I have anime episodes in absolute order. So “One Piece 381.mkv” has to be manually looked up in thetvdb and renamed to “One Piece S12E56.mkv”.

It would be great if Infuse supported Absolute Order, for example super-easy by using a special folder:
root\One Piece\Absolute Order\blabla 381.mkv

Same issue : DVD Order not recognised. Could you please allow to choose between aired/dvd/absolute orders ?

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Since the change to TMDB my Anime seasons are all messed up. Since many Anime don’t really have seasons they get put in a single season on TMDB. Problem is that they should normally be sorted in Arcs and not all in single season. It can get very disorganized having hundreds of episodes in a single season. The people and moderators in TMDB have therefore decided to create “Episode Groups” for Arcs. See for example Dragon Ball Super: Dragon Ball Super (TV Series 2015-2018) - Story Arcs (Story Arc) — The Movie Database (TMDB)
Although all episodes are in a single season (as they probably should) the Episode groups make it organized and properly sorted.

The problem is though that infuse reads the seasons and sorts by that. Is it possible to let infuse read the Episode group? Or even let us create custom seasons that keep the episode data (unlike “creating” seasons by naming them with seasons that don’t exist on TMDB.)?

This is planned for an upcoming version, and I’ve moved your post to the existing suggestion thread.