Option to toggle automatic scan of shares in Infuse

I don’t like that Infuses automatically scans things.

This should only be optional.
Is there such an option?

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Good point

I can see the benefit to this for remote shares like Google Drive but is it still undesirable for local shares? I know for me it seems pretty quick on the local scans. I was just wondering since it may be easier to control it for cloud drives or remotes than for local content.

My Google Drive scan takes about 5-6 minutes if I’ve only added a couple of things. I worry when I then see the message “downloading artwork for 500” whhaaattt, I’ve only added 2 films. I then check to see what films have been “unmatched” and go and rematch them. I’m getting quick at this now as it’s usually the same films/tv series each time.
Overall it’s now manageable, but not what I’d call an “end user” product, it still need a bit of tech ability to meet it in shape.
Mind you, when connected to a Plex library, it’s flawless.

Personally, I don’t need all of this - at all.

I prefer to see the folder- and file names and need nothing more.
So I would very much like to have an option to disable any and all scanning, downloading and other automatic actions.

Advanced tagging, stars, bookmarks and categories would be great, instead!

Not sure if this is your case, but If you don’t let Infuse finish gathering all the artwork for everything the first time the next time it scans it will continue the process from where it left off.

That’s how my KODI/Google Drive addin works on my Amazon Fire TV. Minimal information, just files and folders, but all sub folders with extras work and it’s blindingly quick. It’s just not as fancy looking (no metadata or artwork) and it doesn’t keep track of what I’ve watched.