Option to sync ALL metadata and libraries to iCloud

The roadmap thread (at the top of this sub-form) does show that “improved iCloud sync” is a planned feature upgrade for the 5.8 release although it gives no details about what this includes.

Oh OK, excellent… i missed that… thanks

Like you wrote, this states nothing about the specifics of that planned update. I would definitely want to know the specifics, particularly related to this discussion. That planned update could have no relationship to it whatsoever.

Infuse team? Throw us a bone?

i will start a new thread, but i would like FIrecore to take it a step further… i would like to store all that data on my own NAS.


While iCloud sync might be cool, how about simpler solution with just local db. I keep all my files on my NAS, and it will be much easier to just keep some sort of local database (xml) in the same folder as videos that show what is viewed and what not. I store rest of the data there anyways (images, that are used as folder icons in Infuse), so one more file for fully offline view would be awesome.



+1000, at least for me this is a must.

With the Nas used as metadata store, then is a dream!!!

I’m happy to see this feature request pick up interest. With 2TB of iCloud storage, I’m practically looking for excuses to fill it.

Regardless–and to the point–I haven’t used Infuse on iOS for months, simply because I don’t want to get banned from GDrive for two consecutive days just to get the library indexes done. It’s just too much hassle having to get every individual device up to date; not to mention, despite corrections being advertised as syncing, there are usually thousands that still need to be re-corrected after an index. I’ve created tickets for all of these issues.

I’d love this feature. Plenty of iCloud storage available. Having to resync metadata and thumbnails is very time consuming.

On the list. :wink:


Excellent ?

Great :slight_smile:
And please sync the complete AppleTV Settings also to iCloud, if this is possible :wink:

Could be on NAS storing on the list too? :wink:

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YESHHH, feature suggestion validated! Thank you!

This would be great!
There are enough users who have enough iCloud storage to spare for the metadata.
I’d love to see this implemented as an option.

I just bought a new 4k Apple TV and this is exactly when it would be super useful to be able to sync all the data. It’s indexing forever now!

Seeing this discussion with PENDING status makes me so pleased.

Agreed a complete metadata library sync with iCloud.

I am using the standalone pro version due to in-app purchase does not support family sharing.

From v4 to v5 to coming v6, it is always to painful to upgrade because you need to uninstall old app and data, then install new app, then re-scan and download all metadata again, it is a nightmare when you have a huge collection thousand of movies, in different languages and many manual corrections, it took 7 hours to complete this task last time.

I tried Plex, but Infuse does not support Plex Collections, very difficult to use when I want to watch for example all Charlie Chaplin movies. With NFS/SMB, I can make Collections by grouping movies by folders.

Same reply as your other post. Both versions support family sharing. Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

Yes but that requires trakt, I don’t use that.