Option to Stop GUI Advancing to Next Show

How can I stop Infuse from advancing to the next show after I complete an episode. I’m not talking about autoplay but in the interface. Several times now I go to delete an episode after viewing it and I found I accidentally deleted the next episode because the GUI now shows the next one. I don’t think it did that before.


Sorry but that was a recent change for a suggestion that several people wanted the next episode selected instead of coming back to the one just finished. There isn’t a setting to change this.

I would love to see this made as a selectable option. I know it’s my own stupidity but I’m tired of deleting the wrong show.

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I moved your post to the suggestions forum and changed the title a bit so others can add their support to the feature request. :wink:

Definitely count me in for making this an option. I religiously rate things I watch and lately I’ve been rating the wrong episodes after one ends. It’s also inconsistent behaviour, when you finish a movie you return to the same title, but tv shows do not, this isn’t ideal UX.

Though neither is hiding spoilers but I love that. I think having an option for those who want it auto advancing is great but please allow others to disable it. This one is similar to auto playing the next episode which I also disable.

This is changing in 7.0.8.

Continuous playback ON = auto-select next episode.
Continuous playback OFF = no auto-select


Perfect solution, thanks!

I hope this upcoming change is an option, not replacing the way it works now. I love the current way the next episode is chosen and I can hit play if I want to watch it on my atv4k.

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Hopefully that is just auto-select and not auto-play. “Continuous playback” makes it sound like the next episode will auto-play - some users may like that but not all.


James is just piggybacking on the existing setting for playback. But this means that you won’t be able to have continuous playback on and auto select next off. I think that should work for most people.

That is not cool. I want autoselect without autoplay. Please add it as a separate option and don’t break something you just made working.


The auto advance feature broke something that was always there before. I do not keep my content, I delete after viewing. Up to version 7.0.5, when I finished watching an episode it would take me back to that episode where I could quickly delete it. That broke in vers. 7.0.6 and they are fixing it… somewhat.

I think they should give users all options…
Auto select next episode… yes or no?
If “yes”, do you want to auto play next episode?

Yes, both options should exist separately.

I vote for separate choices, I too prefer to have the next episode selected when one is finished but not auto-play.

Isn’t it a bit redundant to have auto play and select next together? When would you ever have auto play and not want it to go to the next episode?


Im ok with what @james is suggesting. I know I’ve been picky, but if you’re someone wanting Infuse to both automatically play the next episode whilst also not selecting it as the episode you might want to (accidentally) delete, I think you’re expecting too much.

If you’re auto playing episodes, I think you need to put up with the fact that Infuse might be pointing at an episode that isn’t necessarily the one you want to delete.

If you are like me and don’t want it to auto advance in any way, this is a great solution as it remains focused on the file that you want to delete before proceeding.

I also vote for have separate auto-play and auto-select-next.

I personally do not want to use auto-play, but I do like the auto-select-next episode as it allows me to read the synopsis before I decide to actually watch the next episode.


Wouldn’t this be the only logical sequence for continuous play? Auto play without selecting the next episode would just repeat the episode you start wouldn’t it?

If we could get the new option to be whether on “Continuous playback set to off” we want “auto select the next episode” or not that would cover all basses.

Just hate to see a new feature rushed and not have it fill the needs of the most users.


Yes, please do not get rid of auto select for people that don’t use continuous playback. Just offer an option for those that don’t want it to auto-select.


To me, the automatic selection of the next episode is particularly helpful for those that do not want to auto play the next episode. I would definitely not want to see both of those mixed together. A separate option would satisfy everyone.

Another cool feature would be a prompt to start the next episode at the end of the current one (last ~15 seconds). If ignored, it auto selects the next episode but doesn’t play. Maybe this was requested already.

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