Option to Refresh Or Purge Embedded Poster Art for .MP4 Containers

In the latest Infuse for iOS and Mac, I notice that the “refresh metadata” and “scan for changes” options don’t actually update the embedded movie artwork in a .MP4 container if the “use embedded metadata” option is selected. Sometimes, I like to run my .MP4 files through something like Subler and find better quality poster art than I already have, but once I save the file to disk, Infuse doesn’t pick up on the change. The only option is to delete the entire metadata cache and start over from scratch.

It would be good if any of these options existed:

  1. Make refreshing embedded metadata possible, including artwork. I believe all that the “refresh metadata” option does, today, is refresh some of the supplemental data like whether a file is classified as a movie, TV show, or other. Ie: It only refreshes some special tags that would not be in the embedded metadata inside the .MP4 container itself.

  2. Allow the ability to force a refresh or clearing of embedded metadata on just a specific movie or TV show via the “…” menu so you don 't need to purge the entire cache like you do today.