Option to Progressively/Set Fast Forward Increment?

I’m not sure if I’m missing a configuration option or if this is a feature request.
During playback, it seems that one can only fast forward 10 seconds at a time. I’m now using Infuse as my media manager on five Apple TVs to access both recorded tv (via Channels DVR) and my DVD library. Of course there’s no real need to fast forward in movies, but in TV it would be nice to be able to fast forward at a user specified increment or a progressive increment, similar to Kodi configuration, where pressing one time advances 7s, two times 30s, three times 1m, four times 4m…

Is this a thing?

I tried looking through the pages in the forum, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a search option here. I’m sorry if this is a duplicate question.

Thank you!

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Sounds like you are simply clicking on right-left side of the remote’s trackpad? If so you are correct that defaults to 10 second increments. However if you click and hold down then a fast forward starts. One thing that is not available at the moment (it has been requested) is some sort of preview of the point reached.

Interesting idea.

Moving to the suggestions area for now.

I would also like to request an option to either set the timeframe skipped, or support of the multiple click approach described in the OP.

A tvOS skip jumps 10 seconds for me, but it takes Infuse ~4-7 seconds to actually start playback from the new timepoint, meaning I save around ~3-6 seconds, which isn’t very much. So I practically never use it, and just do live scrubbing, which is somewhat imprecise.