Option to not display title text

I am an new user, and a minimalist at heart. I am evaluating infuse as a replacement for the OpenPHT client connecting to Plex. I really like how quick and painless Infuse is to use, and it’s ability to play true 7.1 sound through my receiver. These replicate what I have with OpenPHT and would allow me to ditch the maintenance of a HTPC.

However their are a few design choices I would like to have the option to turn off.

The first one is the option to not display the title of a movie/show, when a poster is highlighted. I have found that around 95% of all tv/movie posters that plex grabs contain the name of the item in the poster. So it is redaundant to display it again under the selected item. Combine that with the fact that most titles are too large to fit under the poster without scrolling, and you have a display that is simply not clean.

I’ve attached a screenshot, which hopefully helps you see my point.

Thanks for considering my suggestion.

Guess I’m the only minimalist around here :wink: