Option to ignore local images/metadata

Add option to ignore images in media folder/not index them as cover images



Especially images with completely unrelated names!
But a global switch to just ignore all local image files would be great.

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Just curious, have you tried the methods listed in the users guide here Metadata 101 – Firecore under “Excluding folders and extras”?

Yes, but in this case, the image will be used as a cover image unless you delete it.
The issue is mentioned in this thread, where James confirms that it’s a known limitation: Option to ignore local artwork

It would be great to have a setting for this as you wouldn’t have to go into your NAS/cloud folder/whatever to remove files all the time. :slight_smile:

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I signed up for a support account to make this feature request. It’s a really awful feature that if there’s an image in the same folder, that image MUST become the artwork. We need a way to globally disable this, I want the meta image to be the default, even if there’s an image in the same folder. PLEASE. At the minimum a person should be able to manually choose the meta artwork over the folder image. (Using Infuse 6 on Apple TV)


Adding my vote for this feature, it’s very annoying.

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We need an option to stop infuse from using the images in the movie folder.

95% of the time that image is spam from the uploader.


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Why not remove them? If you don’t want custom artwork for a movie just let Infuse gather the metadata and don’t add a local file.

I don’t add them. Torrent uploaders put them in as advertising.

I have an automatic system that adds torrents straight to infuse from my iPhone. I cannot edit the folders etc


I want to add my +1 here. Seems quite the easy thing to implement, right?

Really need an option to force Infuse to use downloaded artwork for movies and ignore any local image files. Let’s just say that a lot of movies I download insist on including the same JPG file so all my movies look the same. I then have to manually delete the JPGs and Edit Metadata. Would love to not have to think about this and for Infuse to automatically make everything look great (that is the value proposition, right?).

I would just do a bit of housecleaning, so to speak.

Find the baddies, tweak as necessary:

find /yourmedia/ -type f -iname *.jpg

If that looks good, have them deleted:

find /yourmedia/ -type f -iname *.jpg -delete

I don’t recommend you run this without understanding it. It can severely screw your OS up if you mistype something. To summarize it, though, it’s looking for only all JPG files underneath the /yourmedia/ media, and then deleting them. If you want to target a specific name, replace *.jpg with it.

Yes, one could manually delete images from time to time, which is not difficult, or even write a script to do it for you. However, not sure that works if for example you are downloading directly to a NAS. This seems like such a small and simple feature for Infuse to add that would be a big time saver.

Looking for the same kind of extra option. I have some movies with a ‘nfo.gif’ file in it. I don’t want to remove it, but it also should not be used as folder for the title.

I have noticed that Infuse will use an image artwork for a movie if it is in the same directory even if the filename is completely different.

The following page indicates that the filename should be a match though:

Is this the expected behaviour? If so, is it possible to disable local images for artwork?


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Infuse will use the image if there is only a single video in the folder, as Infuse would treat the folder as a playable item in this case.

Unfortunately, this isn’t adjustable in the current version.


I support this idea too.
Can you please make an option to ignore the local metadata for movie artwork.

For example I have an MKV and a JPG with the same name. I would prefer to let Infuse download metadata from internet, and not take the JPG in consideration. I need the JPGs for other DLNA devices from the same network but not for Infuse.

thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey Community!

I am just wondering if there is a way to put all my poster, fanart, nfo and so on into my Movies/NAS folder but dont let infuse use them to build metadata cache, because always when I scrape my library with tinymediamanager (which I use for another device with kodi) then infuse is overwriting the movie posters, art, info, text and so on.
I have “use embedded Metadata” off.
Shouldnt Infuse only use the online database from TMDB and not my internal files when I refresh/rescan my library?

Hope you can understand what I mean.

I am thankful for any help.

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The “Embedded” means actually a part of the file, the metadata is internal to the file itself.

The approach Infuse uses is that if you go to the trouble to add the local artwork and nfo files to the same directory as the video that you want those to be used. If you don’t want to use the local artwork and nfo then move them to a different directory, maybe have one set up as “Stand By Metadata” for those that you want Infuse to actually gather the metadata.

If you put the files in the same directory as the video Infuse will use it.

If you select “Use Local Metadata” then Infuse won’t gather metadata from the outside source and will only use what you have local.

Embedded = Internal to the video file

Local = Metadata located in the same directory as the video

One additional note, when you have “Use Embedded Metadata” on Infuse will be slower because Infuse then has to scan each file for internal metadata.

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