Option to hide single TMDb collections

Hi @james ,

since 7.4 we are now able to make our own collections.
It would be cool, if you could hide single TMDb collections.

For example I have a MCU custom collection, which contains a lot of movies. Some of some, like Avengers, have still their own TMDb collection, which is unnecessary.
An option in the context menue when you click in such a collection to hide this collection only would solve this.

I know there is a general option to disable TMDb collections completely, but that’s what I mean, because I want to keep all other TMDb collections.

I also have other examples like a custom Star Wars collection or Blade Runner.


Another example are Disney movies.

I’ve also suggested this. Not sure where the running thread is, though, or if those posts should all be broken out to this one, if those other threads were in the beta section or discussions of the new feature itself and not specific to this requested enhancement … but @NC_Bullseye probably knows.

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