Option to Hide Poster Title/Year

Infuse 7 recently added the title and year under every poster. I find this makes it more cluttered and uses up space that could be used for more posters. All the posters already have the title in image. And personally I don’t care about the year. I can go to pre-playback and see it there. Also, many titles are too long to show up anyways and just get a …

Would like a setting for this please


Could not agree more. In fact let’s not stop there - I’d also like the option to remove the filenames, year, and folder names too as I have the folder name in the image of the folder. So when all the poster titles don’t show (Infuse V6) I would still see the folder names and it drives me mad :slight_smile:


Yes! Totally agree!
Infuse is getting more and more an cluttered Plex Clone :cry:

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Hmmmm, I agree with the OP in regard to movies. But I sort of like the additional information for TV shows and Collections. Does it need to be an all or nothing approach?

Let me clarify: The movie title and year add no value. The TV show title adds no value. I like how TV shows give you the number of seasons and collections give you the number of movies.

UPDATE: Watched a movie on the aTV last night and my wife likes the new UI. In her view, she can read text much easier than scanning pictures. Horses for courses, I guess …

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Hello James,
Is there a way to remove the year date under each movie thumbnail ? I did not find the option in the settings.
Thanks in advance, and thanks for the amazing job on Infuse 7.

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Be sure to like the first post to show support for an option.

Just did it :wink:

Completely agree with the OP. All this needs is a toggle in settings - as far as I am concerned - to remove the name and year that now appears under each film poster.


Absolutely agree!
the poster show already what movie/show it is, there is no need to show a name and a year. Please make a toggle to hide this.

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Hey James :wink:
Great, I see it’s „planned“ :wink::+1:

You could make the following 4 Options:

=> OFF (no Title/Year) (and on TV-Shows no Season-Count)
=> ON (show Title/Year)
=> Show Title only
=> Show Year only

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this would be nice!
would also be cool if we could edit the name of the seasons folders so we could customize it more
so instead of always being season 01, season 02… we could have the option to change the name of the individual season’s folders.
It would open a whole new world for categorizing videos that are from your own collection.
Also would be nice to have the option to change the fanart of each season separately.

This may have been addressed somewhere, but is there a way to hide the years of the movie from appearing below the title?

This is exactly what we want :wink::sweat_smile:

We want an Option to hide the Years (and the Title) appearing below the Poster.
Because the Poster already shows which Movie/TV-Show it is :wink:

And the Status is “Planned”, so this Option get implemented in Infuse :wink::tada:

Here is a “Mockup”, to show how it would look:


There are movies with the same title and even similar artworks and the years is a nice touch to differentiate them.

For series this is absolutely awesome since before it was terrible to see Season 1 without any title for miniseries. And often the images for series which are not mainstream is terrible and you have no idea what it is.

In other words this mod is awesome! Don’t kill it infuse team! Give us an option to choose whether to turn it off or not! Everything should have an option!

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This has been added in today’s 7.0.3 update.

Infuse > Settings > General > Show Poster Titles

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


But the Year and Season-Count is still visible… :frowning:
Please make it possible to hide the Year/Season on Homescreen and Grid-View…

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! :slight_smile:

Same… In my case the problem was showing the name of the movie/tv show + the year/number of seasons.
It created a 2 lines block of info underneath every single poster.
The perfect solution for me would be to do the same thing that was done on this update (give you an option to toggle between modes) but instead of removing all the info from the content it would remove only that second line (year/number of seasons).
I understand that always someone will be unhappy about something so I’m not sure if adding this is an option…
But if so, and we could toggle between the 3 options (no info, 1 line of info, 2 lines of info)
I think that many people would appreciate the freedom for customization :slight_smile:

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