Option To hide from infuse

Option To Delete from Infuse, not from source as no metadata is available or any other reason.

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If you want to ignore certain folders from Infuse’s indexing, you can create a favorite for these folders and then deselect them in the Settings > Library menu.

Alternatively, you can set a folder to use local metadata (avoid matching with online sources) by long-pressing on a favorite/folder and select the ‘Use Local Metadata’ option.

Its a movie I wanted to remove not a show. The “delete” here means delete from the source.
the options available to me are:
Screenshot 2021-03-21 at 10.31.22 AM

How about, a hide option so it can be unbidden again if needed. I have a bunch of stuff where it would be helpful for me to hide items.

that’d be great too!

I would appreciate this feature too. I don’t need a complete rehashing of what I’m watching or have watched, it’s cumbersome to navigate. Would love to be able to remove things from the VIEW, not from the actual library of media. I just don’t need them showing up in Infuse.

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