Option to Hide Folder Title

Following on from the recent change to hide the Poster Title & Year, I would like an option to be added to hide Folder Titles too:

Infuse > Settings > General > Show Folder Titles

The reason is that I have my library split. For all new content that I have not watched ever, I have this in a single folder, and the Library points to that.

For all other movies that I’ve seen I keep these in my own Genre folders, and within them I may have my own Collection Folders too. When browsing these I would like to be able to hide the Folder Titles as well as hiding the Poster Titles & Years.

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I know there’s no love for this request, but if I could ask you to maybe please take a look and consider this request please @james

A Workaround for this is to rename the Folders simply to nothing :sweat_smile:
It’s possible to to type simply no Characters in the Inputbox, and then the Foldernames are gone :wink::+1:

Rename the folders using Infuse or in Windows?

If I rename them will they then not slip out of the order they should be in or will they stay in the right place within other video files?

Rename it directly in Infuse :wink::+1:
But I’m not sure if it’s work with Folders…
Or do you mean Favorites? With Favorites it works :wink:

Ok gotcha. Not helping though sorry. This is for folders not favourites.

I have folders of collections of films. These sit within my library and are in their true alphabetical order. I have turned off the [ugly] option of media titles and year. But this means that my collection folders now display the name and they stand out like a sore thumb. Dekes the look nice and hopefully an easy code change to add the option to turn them off.

Here’s an example

I’ve just noticed something that has kind of frustrated me a little. I was going to take a snapshot from my iPhone of my screen to show the folder titles - but on iOS when you turn off “Show poster titles” not only does it turn off poster titles but it also removes the folder titles and put all the poster images close together again like it used to be before the new titles were added. But it currently does not do that on the Atv Infuse.

Why is this the case, I thought Infuse 7 was suppose to harmonise everything so it works the same?

@james Can you please, please review this request.

This is when using Favourites (so not Library). On iOS when you turn off “Show Poster Titles” it also removes the folder titles from being seen, and also pushes all the posters closer together like it used to be, which is perfect as the names of the movies and Collections are already on the poster art.

However, if you select the same option in tvOS it keeps the folder names displayed and so it looks a little clumsy.

Can we have it, or and extra feature, to also hide folder names in tvOS?

Pleeeaaase! :grin:

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I just noticed this yet, that on iOS it hides the Title completely and remove the Year!!!

But on tvOS the Title is still there if we swipe over a Poster…! :thinking:
James, could you please fix this behavior like it is in iOS? If we deselect “Show Poster Title”, then we want to remove it completely also on tvOS, and not just on iOS… :tired_face:

It’s been there since May and you only just noticed it? Then it probably isn’t that big of an issue. :wink: But I do remember you discussing it then with James during beta testing. This was his response:

I noticed it now, that it has really no Title in iOS. Because I not really often use Infuse on iOS, I use it on AppleTV only :wink:

@james can you please review this request. It would make a huge difference to tvOS users like me.

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