Option to hide display of specific TMDB-derived collections & genres

(via pop-up menu on long-press of Collection poster or genre button, on Apple TV)


TMDB creates “Collections” aspirationally for movie franchises that don’t yet exist,

and Infuse displays those pseudo-collections if users have multiple versions of the sole extant film in the nascent franchise in their library (in the form of alternate cuts or file encodings).

We need to be able to hide the display of these (or fix the bug that makes them display).


TMDB has had unpopular collections rules and/or fanatically obtuse moderators,

such as having a “Jack Ryan Collection” that includes ‘The Hunt for Red October’ but excludes ‘The Sum of All Fears’ and ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’,

and prohibiting an Eastrail 177 Trilogy Collection,

and doing so while never getting around to implementing their long-teased Universe tag (MCU, Star Trek, Star Wars, Middle Earth, etc.),

and fighting the world for years to exclude ‘The King’s Man’ from “The Kingsman Collection”.

So now that Infuse users can finally create their own collections to side-step these issues, we need to be able to hide the defective TMDB Collections we’ve fixed or replaced. WITHOUT having to take the drastic step of throwing them ALL out … which is our only option currently, in 7.4.


At least one of TMDB’s primary movie genres is poorly and very inconsistently implemented (“TV Movie”) and others might just not appeal at all to Infuse users,

So it would be nice to have the ability to hide them from displaying in the genre lists pinned to the Home Screen.


Firecore is struggling to find a solution to it’s broken-out-of-the-box representation of TMDB’s three “(something) & (something)” television genres (for fear that users using Plex or Emby supplied metadata instead of that provided by Infuse … might then experience the same useless duplication of genre categories that Firecore oddly seems to prefer its core vanilla users experience instead :man_shrugging:t2:

so users of vanilla Infuse should be able to hide one each of the unnecessarily duplicated “Adventure” (or “Action”), “ Sci-Fi” (or “Fantasy”), and “War” (or “Politics”) genres.

And ideally, rename them (to their proper two-word titles) … at least until the real issue is addressed.


The worst thing is that TVshow only has the option of tmdb. Tmdb has many errors, incomplete data and is very unfriendly to personality needs

It’s getting better though. And I’m doing what I can to contribute. And I understand why Firecore had to switch: the TVDB API withdraw for one; and the image (poster, fanart art, thumbnail, logo) quality is world’s better than what TVDB has ever hosted.

And another mod finally overrode Banana on that long-running ‘Kingsman Collection’ standoff just last month :astonished: — may such wonders never cease!