Option to hide all "watched" on home screen lists

Add an option/toggle to hide “watched” material for all sections on the home screen, e.g. also for “recently added” etc.


First I thought of a new filter “recently added + unwatched”, but your suggestions would allow to hide watched shows from all filters on the homescreen.
Sounds good.


Asked for this years ago.Was never implemented.



Any news on this? While I really like the app in general, I can’t believe that other people are not annoyed by a home screen that is cluttered with movies that they are already have watched…


I hear you. Global filters would definitely be a great addition.


I am a big fan of Infuse, because of the smooth playback and beautiful GUI.
But sometimes I’m just wondering, why they don’t support basic features…

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Although they are a small development team they are very active and have done a lot of things over the years. But they do tend to focus smooth playback over adding new features :). What you consider a basic feature may not be to them. Everyone has their “basic feature” they think should be added and they have to balance the requests.

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My worry is that “Watched” or not is not very reliable in Infuse.

I am not sure how this should be not reliable:
Infuse has already this orange “Unwatched” tag on the movie thumbnail. In my setup, this flag is pretty reliable. So it should be easy to hide all movies that don’t have this flag

If you click the library tab (on the favorites bar, unless selected to be hidden in settings), and select either movies or TV, you are presented with the choice to view that entire segment of the library filtered exclusively by watched status (ex: I watched).

This doesn’t hide watched items from the Home Screen, not allow multiple filters to be stacked (though this feature is on the roadmap), but it does help narrowing down a search for something to watch by hiding anything marked “watched”.