Option to have different Views on Favourites Folders

I have 5 different favourites folders at present 3 contain PG content and i would like these folders to have view formats of

  • TV Shows View. TV Show Main Title with shows main poster image icon view - which would open into the seasons view showing each season with season image opening to the episodes.

  • Movie View. Alphabetical sorted Movies with movie poster icons view and option to sort by Genre or Decade.

  • Private View. Alphabetical list of Main folders no images folder view - alphabetical view of subfolders, no images, alphabetical sorted list of videos with 10sec thumbnail - automatically prevent any at subfolder level down from displaying on main screen including previews and images.

Custom View. Allow options to be selected by user per favourite, collection. I navigate with favourites as i have 2 nas devices storing tv and movies and setting it up as collections will take a while.

Blanket views that apply across everything removes a lot of the great look/feel/design. Views per favourite and collection brings that look back whilst keeping NSFC NSFW stuff hidden.

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