Option to Force Downloaded Artwork

Really need an option to force Infuse to use downloaded artwork for movies and ignore any local image files. Let’s just say that a lot of movies I download insist on including the same JPG file so all my movies look the same. I then have to manually delete the JPGs and Edit Metadata. Would love to not have to think about this and for Infuse to automatically make everything look great (that is the value proposition, right?).

I would just do a bit of housecleaning, so to speak.

Find the baddies, tweak as necessary:

find /yourmedia/ -type f -iname *.jpg

If that looks good, have them deleted:

find /yourmedia/ -type f -iname *.jpg -delete

I don’t recommend you run this without understanding it. It can severely screw your OS up if you mistype something. To summarize it, though, it’s looking for only all JPG files underneath the /yourmedia/ media, and then deleting them. If you want to target a specific name, replace *.jpg with it.

Yes, one could manually delete images from time to time, which is not difficult, or even write a script to do it for you. However, not sure that works if for example you are downloading directly to a NAS. This seems like such a small and simple feature for Infuse to add that would be a big time saver.

Looking for the same kind of extra option. I have some movies with a ‘nfo.gif’ file in it. I don’t want to remove it, but it also should not be used as folder for the title.