Option to dump Baseball

Not all of us are American and not all of us like Baseball not even all Americans. Can we at least have the option to turn of the Score thing on the Internet Tab please? I don’t know why but I find it annoying every time I pass it scrolling. It’s as if I actually chose it as an option rather than wanting it the other way round. :D

There is a way of disabling the useless mbl scores by ssh into the ATV2 and changing a info file that reorders the Internet list hopefully this post explains it more? http://forum.firecore.com/topic/4568


Oh nice!  thanks for the link!  I’d skimmed something about that before when I was looking to reorder things (though I never quite got that working … long story), but now I’d love to remove some of the junk i don’t need like MLB :slight_smile:

You could just delete the entry on the plist file and that should remove it from the list? :wink: