Option to display subfolders?

I’ve been using infuse pro for a few months now on IpadOS and I have to say it’s nearly perfect except I can’t seem to find an option to display subfolders. What I mean is let’s say I have a show (in .mkv format) and it has 3 seasons. I would have it organised as such Show title>S1>S2>S3, each season being in its own folder. When imported to infuse, via external drive, infuse displays it as Show title>All 3 seasons with in that folder and no sub folders.

Is there a way to display separate folders with in one folder or any plans to add it?

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First, what version of Infuse and iOS are you using?

Second, how are you connected to the server? DLNA, SMB, FTP, etc.?

Thanks NC. I’m using the most recent version of IPadOS (13.6.1) and I’m not connected to a server. I’m importing the files directly to my ipad, into the Infuse folder in the Files browser. In Infuse I’m using the view right next to the library view. I can see the subfolders in the infuse folder in the IPAD file browser view but only the top level folder, with all the files, shows up in Infuse.

If you prefer to see folders instead of the season image, you can switch to List View.

Doing this should allow you to achieve what you’re after.

I tried this but still no joy. I transferred a folder with sub folders to VLC and was met with the same result so I’m thinking it may be something with IPadOS and not the app(s).