Option to display folder even if it only contains a single video file

I am only using list view and I wish to browse my files and folders the way I organize them on my PC.

However, if a folder only contains a single file, the folder is not displayed but only the file name, e.g. if the folder/file structure looks like this

[Series A]

  • S01E01.mkv
  • S01E02.mkv
  • S01E03.mkv

[Series B]

  • S01E01.mkv

then I get this when I navigate to the root

[Series A]

but I just want to see

[Series A]
[Series B]

and then open the Series B folder.

I can get around this problem by adding two dummy video files to each folder, i.e. the folder will still be displayed even if I delete all of the “real” video files or the folder originally contains just a single file, but I don’t think I should have to do that. I do not have this problem in MrMC/Kodi.

Is there a fix for this?

Am I just a minority of one who does not want to make use of thumbnails, cover art, metadata, etc? Does the list view simply behave like this due to philosophical differences?

I’ve got a lot of rips from YouTube and public TV stations and they are organized in folders with descriptive names whereas the file names themselves are left in their original state and are not always easily decipherable and certainly do not lend themselves to automatic downloads of any metadata.


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Currently, Infuse will flatten all single-video folders and display them as playable items, but we’ll be adding a way to disable this in a future update.

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FYI…Question I sent a year ago

“I’m currently trying Infuse Pro 5 on my Apple TV 4k and ran into an issue.
I have 3 hard drives setup to SMB share with folders setup to differentiate
different movies (Blu-ray, 4K, DVD) and I found if a folder only has 1 movie
(file) the folder metadata and movie metadata is incorrect. I found if I add
another movie (file) to the folder everything works as advertised. Works
properly with 0 files or greater than 1.

How can I fix this or is this a bug in the software?


1 year ago
Hi John -

Currently, Infuse will flatten single movie folders. In other words, folders with only a single video will appear as playable items instead of a folder.
Firecore support

Any timetable on when this will be implemented?


I think this is a different issue, but can you clarify what you mean by incorrect? Is Infuse fetching the wrong title, or is no metadata displayed at all?

Have you tried using the Edit option on the affected files to select a title manually?

Same problem as explained in the first post. I was just trying to tell you I and many others have the same issue. I had to add an extra movie to all the folders that only contained one movie for folders to show correctly. My point was this has been an issue for a long time and was wondering when a fix may be forthcoming?

Very true! Although it might be a regional phenomenon as there are perhaps fewer people in the US recording live television but in parts of Europe there are dozens of unencrypted HD sources like all kinds of channels from ARD, arte, BBC, Channel 4/5, ITV, ZDF etc. available. Recording, cutting and remuxing them is one lesser funny part of the job. But having to range them in a specific order and/or create false additional episodes to please the software that plays them while TMDB doesn’t even know what all this might be and shows some ridiculous false covers (some of them quite amusing, however, I have to say) for it really shouldn’t be the case. And then there are those recordings you do yourself, or the blu-rays you remux personally and so on …

I had to add an extra movie to all the folders that only contained one movie for folders to show correctly. My point was this has been an issue for a long time and was wondering when a fix may be forthcoming?

Same here. The additional work is tiring in the case of this otherwise just formidable (I paid for a continuous licence after a couple of days already for the sole presence of NFS – and there is so much more) piece of software. Please help us to save some time – life should be easy!

Well, to clarify: When I say rips from public TV stations I don’t mean to say that I am recording entire channels and then editing the resulting files. I am simply using the Chrome extension named TV4ever.

Plenty of stations supported.

This extension allows me to download shows/documentaries/whatever as .ts files and play them back using Infuse or some other software. Many of those stations do not have an app for Apple TV 4(K), so the alternative would at best be to use the browser on my iPad and then use AirPlay which frankly does not work as well as just playing the files.

BTW: All legal if you live in one of the respective countries and have paid for a subscription or mandatory media license fee. If you can stream a program using your browser, great. If not, then the extension won’t do anything for you. The programs are not downloaded from copies hosted by dodgy sites.

Anyway, the dummy file solution works for me for now if the folder only contains a single video file.

As for folders containing multiple files, I have most of my files in cold storage and just copy a bunch of them to an SSD which I then access from Infuse. I used to just delete a file when I was done with it, but that, of course, meant that a folder eventually would contain a single file, so now I just watch an entire series without deleting any files as I go and then delete the entire folder when I’m done with it.

Still, as James suggested, it would be easier to just have an option named “Flatten single-file folders” which would be enabled by default in order to maintain the existing behavior, but which could be disabled in order to provide the behavior some of us want.

Hi James, is there an ETA for this setting?

Infuse is fantastic, both on tvOS and iOS – the forced flattening of folders is really the only thing that’s a little weird.

James posted last year that a future update would have a way to disable flattening single-file folders. Is there any progress on that? Thanks.

I just bought the new Pro Version and i have the same issue.

Found this with the help of Google.

Can you please add an option to enable Folders with only one file in it?

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It also works with creating a subdirectory. It doesn’t have to be a video file. I just solved the problem with subdirectories, which at least doesn’t interfere with video files. :slight_smile:

There seems to be a bug in Infuse with folders that contain only 1 video file (even if it contains other files as well) on a network share. When browsing through the share, if you open the parent folder, then for every subfolder that contains only 1 video file, that folder will not show up and instead those video files show up in the parent folder.
Should be easy to reproduce.

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The is a deliberate ‘feature’, not a bug.

This is to cater for people who put each movie into individual directories, the movie is automatically promoted up a level so you don’t have to go into each movie directory to play the movie

Why would anyone want to put every movie in a separate folder ?! This doesn’t make much sense to me.
If I browse a network share, I kinda expect to recognize/see the folder structure of that share. I have a big collection of diverse videos that I organized in a specific way. Took me a while to realize that it were the one-file folders that were behaving weird.
I sure hope this becomes some toggle in the future, because right now it looks quite messy for my collection.

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I had similar problem if i want to browse my network share. My solution for this:
In the folders, where only files were, I made an empty subfolder (called “Sample” for example).
After that my directory structure looks correct with Infuse too.

This is still on our radar, and we plan to add a setting to disable this feature for an upcoming version.

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Hi, is there any update on this? The topic is now open for over 2 years :slight_smile:

I’m also wondering about this. I wrote a script to create an empty subdir in every folder that has only one media file as a workaround, but that’s not ideal. The forced folder flattening seems like an odd design choice. It’s something I would have expected to find as an option buried in a settings menu, so it was surprising to me to find it was the default behavior with no way to disable.

Same thing here: I also wrote a script that would create an empty subdir in every folder.

The only problem with this is that I like to delete a video once I have watched it (my archive is in cold storage and the subsection I am watching is sitting on an SSD connected to my router), but the presence of the subfolder means that the parent folder is no longer hidden once I have watched/deleted all of the videos in that folder.

So I would like for Infuse to hide a folder that does not contain any media, but show the folder (not the media) if it contains any media - even if it is just a single media file.