Option to disable the Next Episode button

I’m using an Apple TV. To me this button is just annoying. When I’m ready to go to a new episode, I pause it and then swipe on the remote to go to the end real quick, then it goes on to the next episode. That’s exactly what this button is doing.

But the reason it’s annoying to me, is that more than a few times, I might not be paying the closest attention to a show, the credits come up, and I want to go back and see what happened at the end. I hit the left side of the trackpad on the remote to go back 10 seconds. This causes the timeline and the Next Episode button to show up. When I hit left on the remote again to go back another 10 seconds, it thinks I’m hitting the Next Episode button and it skips to the end and starts to play the next episode. I have the old remote that doesn’t have the directional buttons around the trackpad so any press on it is being construed as just a regular click by the remote. I know that I can swipe down after the first click and it will go back to the timeline, but I normally do a few clicks really fast because I’m not thinking about the Next Episode button.

I get how people might like this button, but I wish there was a toggle in the settings to turn this off.

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I think if you turn off continuous playback the next button won’t show up.

That probably would work but I WANT continuous playback.

I was about to post exactly this request. The Next Episode button is much too easy to press accidentally when you’re scrolling in the last 5% or so of a video which is very annoying. Could we have an option to retain continuous playback but disable the Next Episode button from popping up please. EDIT - I’m talking about the Apple TV app.


I mentioned doing this a lot myself in a similar thread. Trying to skip back to that brilliant final zinger or reveal at the end of a episode; or to skip past the previews (spoilers) for the next episode of the US reality series “Survivor” to watch (or rewatch) the reveal of that nights’ votes … grr.

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I had another thought about this - if you’re not going to let us disable the Next Episode, how about at least making it so that its default state is un-selected, and you have to actively swipe up onto it to make it active and actionable? If its default state was unselected, it wouldn’t be possible to accidentally press it while trying to scroll around near the end of the timeline.


This would be a great convenience feature if it was implemented well, but it isn’t. If there is a post-credits scene in an episode, then “Next Episode” will skip it. additionally, there’s a bug that causes “Next Episode” to randomly trigger if you skip / scrub through any portion of a show (say, opening credits). Both of these things cause annoyances in maybe 1/3 of my viewing experiences. If you can’t do it right, please at least let us make it go away.

Suggestions for doing it right:

  1. if a video file is broken into chapters, then only activate it 5 seconds (or whatever) into the last chapter of the video file.

  2. Don’t select it by default when skipping forward / backward or dragging the playback time. It’s easier to drag up to select something then it is to always have to pay attention when skipping / scrubbing through a file because you never know when the stupid buggy thing will rear its annoying head. Note that this isn’t in any one particular file - I have a collection of thousands of files and it seems to happen in any show.

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