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I am an Infuse Pro user who uses Infuse on my 2021 12.9 inch iPad Pro. I like to… let’s say… download movies (using my Mac) directly to an external drive. When I want to watch a movie, I simply connect the external drive directly to the iPad via USB-C and copy it Infuse via the iPadOS Files app.

I have a 256 GB iPad Pro, and have used 196 GB of that storage. 171 gigs of the 196 used is taken up by movies I’m holding in Infuse.

I backup my iPhone and iPad by plugging them into my Mac and doing an encrypted backup via Finder as one does in 2021. Long story short, I have to do it this way because my threat model does not allow me to use iCloud for backups.

Now I have a lot of important stuff on my iPad that I want to backup, but that does not include the 171 GB of movies sitting in Infuse. All of those movies are already “backed up” to the drive I download them to and I don’t even bother backing up that drive because losing the movies on it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Basically what I am getting at is that, in order to backup my iPad Pro to my Mac, I am forced to copy, along with everything else on the iPad, the 171 gigabytes of movies sitting in Infuse to my Mac. I don’t watch movies on my Mac nor do I want them stored on it, so I am essentially wasting 171 GB of my Mac’s valuable SSD space by backing up my iPad to it.

I used to watch movies on my iPhone using nPlayer. nPlayer has an “iTunes Backup” setting with a toggle switch. You can toggle it off, and then the movies in nPlayer don’t get backed up to your computer when you do a wired iPhone-to-Mac backup. That is exactly what I need added to Infuse.

Please add this option. It is a critical missing feature (at least for me) and would presumably be relatively easy to implement. Thank you for reading and considering my request. I love your app.

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