Option To Clear Item(s) From "Continue Watching" List

I would like to have an option of clearing in-progress (watching) items in up next list. I know I can mark items as watched, but that’s not really a solution for me. I can go back to trakt and remove the watch from history, but that is an unnecessary extra step.

Reasons this may come up:

  1. I watch a random episode from a show but don’t plan on watching the rest or at least not in order.
  2. I watch a tv special season episode (pilot, for instance), and then continue watching the show, but the specials season stays in the list.
  3. I start watching something but decide I don’t want to watch it anymore.
  4. Maybe I’m just testing out a file.

I don’t want to throw off my history with trakt and mark as watched, and that is also much harder to do with tv shows in infuse anyways.


plex has this useful feature where you can remove movies/shows from the “continue watching” bar on homescreen.
thought of suggesting it to be implemented in infuse as well


Current workaround is to “mark (the offending episode) watched” and then immediately “mark (it) unwatched” again.

That was what @munpip214 in the first post was trying to avoid since that trashes Trakt history. :wink:

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OK, I understand you.
What I do is, I open the episode from “Continue Watching” and click on the left option to show me the playlists, that this episode is in. Than you can simply click on “Continue Watching” to remove this show from Continue Watching.
I’m not home yet, so I can’t make a screenshots right now.
I think this is pretty easy.

Hi @munpip214,

In could make some screenshots, see below.

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Seems this thread got buried for a few years. iOS 6.2 added support for custom playlists in Oct 2019. You can now add or remove items from up next without marking as watched.

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You’re a life saver.
I didn’t know that option existed and I was so annoyed by the cluttered continue watching bar.
Why on earth is that option buried down there ?!

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