Option to change metadata in TV Shows

On iPad, Infuse 6 Pro, In FILES, I can go into Movies on my attached gDrive, select a movie, and if the metadata is wrong, I can tap on the 3 dots top right, and the option is there to “Edit Metadata”.

IN TV Shows, it appears that I would need to go into each individual episode, of each individual season, and manually change every single one?

Is there not an option to change a complete show, or at least a season?

It’s a huge amount of work to go through every single episode.


*EDIT Having tried it on one show, even after updating each episode individually, it still doesn’t add metadata to the season folders, or TV How folder either.

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Editing metadata for a single episode will also update metadata and artwork for the entire series.

With regard to browsing, you may consider using Infuse’s library feature as this will provide consistent metadata and artwork at all levels (series, season, and episode) and will often times be much faster than browsing via folders. The library can be accessed via the Home tab, or the Search/Browse tab.

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Hello James,

I use the cloud “1fichier.com” and stream on Infuse direct links of movies and series. Unfortunately in the URL links there is no metadata, so when I insert them into Infuse, then I manually modify the metadata and it works rather well for movies. But with regard to series, it is not possible to find the metadata manually , and to organize them by season number and episode number.

What would be the easiest and fastest solution?