Option to browse Collections in Grid View

When viewing inside a Collection they view is the classic sidescrolling list view. I think it makes much more sense to present the movies/tv shows within a Collection in a grid view since that give’s a much more better overview over all items within that collection. The details and all that stuff should in my belief be shown if I then choose a movie. Just like how I browse ‘All movies’ or ‘All TV shows’
If I got a Collection containing a lot of items its really hard to get that overview and I think the posters are often more beautiful than the episode banners.


+1 I’d love to see this feature. It’d be much easier to get an overview of what the collection actually contains.

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Aight thanks.

Is there a way to enable this now? This is a feature I’ve been hoping for for awhile.


Hoping to revive this suggestion! Grid view is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, but for some reason is unavailable on Apple TV. Maybe having the “Collections” setting turned on can include a Favorites item with a full-screen Collections view? Or maybe even have the collections be a tab option when viewing the full Movies library?

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Totally! :100:

Grid view would make it much easier to scroll through larger collections. As is, I get the design aspect but it is really not smooth to explore your collections. It‘s simple: There‘s a lot space with a grid view that can be used to display collection items. An navigation is way simpler since you can go left-right AND up-down. Less swipes to back go from say item 15 to item 3.

Please consider an option to add this view (back).

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This is now available in 7.4.

To browse collections in grid view, simply disable the ‘Details View’ option found in Settings > Collections.

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Hi @james ,

now that I do more with (custom) collections,
I’ve noticed, that the current modern view in collections, where the different movies are below the actors etc. are shown, is a little bit laborious, because above you see info about the current chosen movie - which you chose below. Then you first have to go up again to see the infos, can play, or other options.

I think it would make more sense, if you have a normal poster view of all movies within a collection. Then you can click on the poster/movie to get into the modern view.
Just like the seasons when you click on a show.

This is possible in the current version. See info above.

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Ok okay cool, didn’t know that. As always @james , thank you!

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