Option to automatically select version (Emby/Jellyfin/Plex)

I have the same issue so I don’t think you’re missing anything. I have infuse set to automatically play the highest quality but when I play something, I am always asked to choose the quality. I am also using my Plex library connected to Infuse.


This is a major blocker for me, unfortunately. Once we get direct plex support in next release I might be able to adopt more frequently and just bear this issue.

I am going to echo what others have said here. Us Plex users who have 4K and 1080p copies of the same item should be able to choose a default behavior, just like the native Plex client does. This is a major annoyance, especially when binge-watching a series.

And I’ll echo what I’ve said earlier in this thread…

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it isn’t a suggestion though, the function has already been implemented, it just doesn’t work. If we vote on the first post, we’re just voting for something that already exists aren’t we?


No, the option you are referring to was only added for non-plex users when multi versions was added to pre playback.


Irritatingly, every time I try to play the next episode of a TV show, it pauses to let me choose the version to play, even though I’ve already set high resolution as my preference in the settings.

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I voted, but also wanted to reply and indicate that having infuse pop up a “select version” window when using Plex is rather annoying. Hope its on the roadmap of feature improvements. :slight_smile:

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Plex user here too,
I’m so mad having to select 4K every new episode, or movie, even.

Settings is set to choose best quality and it doesn’t do anything.

Kinda baffle me it’s not implemented for Plex too.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:


Could we get a comment on the feasibility of this being addressed? It’s such a basic thing, and it would appear that Infuse can handle this when it uses its own libraries, and Emby. Is adapting it to Plex direct a show stopper?

@james ?

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Thanks for the reminder.

one extra thing i would like to suggest for this is to have 2 parts to the setting first would be whether you want to choose based on resolution or bitrate then choose quality

Please enable automatic version selection for Plex.

I know this is certainly useless since how long this Suggestions is opened, but still.
It makes me go back to the Plex player because of how infuriating this is.

This is ridiculous, is it so hard to implement ? I just don’t get it.

The ability to set preferences for automatic version selection has been added in today’s 7.8 update. :slight_smile:


Wow finally, awesome. Thanks !

thanks for this, i was just wondering if in the future you can add the option to select the highest version based on bitrate that would be appreciated since i have more than 2 versions of my media for different devices

Yes, using bitrate as a tie-breaker for versions with identical resolution and dynamic range specs is something we’ll be looking at for a future update.

Thanks for this!