Option to adjust the 'watched' threshold

First of all, sorry for my english.

I’m using the latest version of infuse in apple tv 4k and iPhone 11.

I usually watch lots of homemade videos (educational videos, own rips from tv shows) and the ‘watched’ threshold marks the video as watched when there is less than 3 minutes left on the episode. I get to watch this videos at home and at work (lots of downtime) but sometimes something comes up and i need to stop my video. The problem is it doesn’t keep my progress because infuse marks it as fully watched so it’s a bit of a pain to manually go back to where i stopped.

Is there any way to modify this behaviour?



Currently there isn’t a setting to change this but since your post is in the suggestions forum maybe others will chime in and add their support for this as candidate for becoming an added feature.

Hi all, not sure if this is possible already but can i somehow leave those movies that i watch till credits “untouched” in “continue watching” row at the top? Just that i’d like to delete the movies that i watched and i always have to go back to my nas folder to do this as they disappear if you are near the credit of the movie… Also, James, just a sneaky question here - i’m this close to just buying lifetime membership but your company wouldn’t go bust in the next 10 years right? :slight_smile:


I think you’re pretty safe :joy:

Please add the option of setting these thresholds manually. Alternatively, if possible, make Infuse read watched status from the media server instead of having its own logic for it – I have set up my Jellyfin server to never consider videos watched until I mark them manually. Infuse does not honor this since it has its own logic for determining when a video is watched.

I received the following details from Firecore support regarding what thresholds Infuse currently uses for when a video is considered watched:
Movies – 98%
TV Episodes – 92%

Adding options for setting these should be a simple matter, I think.

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And apparently it takes only 0.00001% of playback to cause an episode or movie to switch from being marked ‘watched’ or ‘unwatched’ to ‘watching’. :angry:

Yes and that would be a separate issue like this one you’ve commented on

I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast; good on you to remember posts of mine from half a year ago. Consider me suitably chided.

I’ve noticed this issue for a year or two now, so it’s not version-specific.

A typical example occurred today. I had to pause a 2-hour movie with a little over 8 minutes left. I came back to my iPad a few minutes later and after unlocking it, the movie had stopped. It was now marked as Watched.

Infuse seems to assume that the last x minutes of content (seems to be about 10) are credits and can be disregarded. Granted, there was only a minute or two of film left before the credits rolled, but why skip the credits at all? Especially when so many movies these days have mid- and post-credits scenes.

It’s percentage based. Something like 95% for movies and 90% for tv shows. Generally though if people are already at the credits and they stop they don’t want to continue later. <1% probably have mid or end credit scenes even if it is 10% of most popular ones. :man_shrugging:t3: but I agree that some people would like it to not mark until later

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Probably true, but why not make it an option? A 2020s CGI-fest might have 10 whole minutes of credits, but older films have no end credits at all! Just a title card saying “The End.”

I moved your posts to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum requesting this feature.

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Same issue here. quite annoying
I vote for a setting/toggle

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