Option to adjust playback area on iPad, instead of centered on screen

Here’s my use case: When watching video on iPad, I’m often sitting up, with the iPad on my lap, or laying down, with the iPad on my chest. But the video is always centered on the iPad screen, with black bars above and below it (black bars that aren’t part of the video’s own letterboxing, to be clear). It would be a lot easier to watch the video if I had the option to adjust the playback area vertically so that I could move it all the way to the top of the iPad screen. That way, all the black space would be on the bottom of the screen, and none on the top. I wouldn’t have to lower my head so much (sometimes having to tuck in my chin uncomfortably when laying down), and I’d have a larger area to hold the iPad at the bottom of the screen, without potentially covering up parts of the video. Please consider this enhancement. Thank you!

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