Option to add entire folder to playlist

Currently it is a pita to add many files to a playlist. It would make the process easier if it was possible to add ALL files from a folder to a playlist.
To clarify: i need this to work in the files section (it works in the library view)

Isn’t that already possible by using a long press on the folder?

What I do not particularly like is that when I do that each episode shows up individually in the playlist rather than grouped under a single entry.

That only works in the library view and it is not a long press on folder (you have to be inside the folder in the library section). I need it to work in the files section since i have a lot of files not added to the library section.

I use it in the Files View all the time on Season folders

The problem is not doing this on tv shows since they are all added to my library (and can then be added to playlist season or showwise). But if a folder is not added to my library i do not get the option to add the entire folder to playlist, just individual files. I have a lot of files not added to the library: home movies, diverse videoclips, maaaany cartoons etc so this a major shortcoming for me anyway.